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Elite Carpet Cleaning services are available to anyone in the BH23 postcode Christchurch area from businesses to private homes, our expert team of carpet cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to carry out exceptional carpet cleaning services at unmatchable prices!

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Our aim is to restore the former beauty of your carpets, and leave them hygienically clean and odour free. If you are a pet owner, we have more specialised carpet cleaning services like Flea and Mite carpet removal. Other carpet cleaning services we have available to people in Christchurch are, Scotch Guarding, which is a stain protector that protects your carpets from staining and soiling, and Pre-Clean Carpet Treatment, which offers an even deeper clean with the added advantage of both sanitising and deodorising your carpets.

Due to carpets having such an integral part to you homes interior, it can often become soiled, stained and have the fibres ruined. This can dampen how you feel about your carpet and can even make you forget what your carpet looked like originally, so we can save you the trip out of Christchurch to buy another carpet and bring your carpet back to its former glory through our “Elite” Carpet cleaning methods.

We pride ourselves on our carpet cleaning so the people of Christchurch don’t have to worry about dust, dirt or pollutants getting in their carpet because we’re ready to deal with any mess and get your carpet clean again. Carpets can harbour dust, dirt, pollutants, germs, pollen and cigarette smoke, just to name a few inflictions your carpet can suffer, that’s why you need the best local carpet cleaners with the best professional carpet cleaning team.

Our professional staff are specialists in everything carpet, so no matter the ailment, they will ensure your carpets are restored back to their former glory and looking as bright and colourful as the day you bought them.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Christchurch

Much alike our carpet cleaning services, our sofa cleaning services are also available to Christchurch in the BH23 area. Our fully trained sofa cleaning experts will ensure that your upholstered furniture looks as bright and colourful as it did when you bought it. We also offer Scotch Guarding, which is a stain protector and works to safeguard your sofa from staining and soiling; making sure your furniture stays fresh and new for longer.

Your sofa is in the danger zone for a number of pollutants, including, cigarette smoke, germs and pollen. Accidents and spills are bound to happen too, but the good news is we have a team of sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning experts, ready to solve any of your problems.

Our sofa cleaning services are available to everyone in the Christchurch area and if you need sofa cleaning services outside of Christchurch, please click here to see what other areas we provide sofa and carpet cleaning services to.

Our Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning Christchurch (Deep Clean)

Our expert Christchurch carpet and sofa cleaning services will target the high traffic areas on your carpet or sofa and remove any dirt, dust, cigarette smoke, germs and pollen leaving your carpet clean and fresh as new!

Along with our targeted system we also only perform deep cleaning because we find that standard cleans don’t last as long and don’t get rid of carpet stains as well as they should. We want all our clients from Christchurch to be happy, our carpet and sofa cleaners will always go the extra mile for our customers.

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What do we use?

The Airflex Storm

The Airflex Storm is an impressively strong 800psi extractor manufactured in the UK, and capable of running over 200ft of hoses that work to help clean carpets speedily and to a high degree of standard. A top of the range machine, the Airflex can be operated from a van directly, whilst still performing incredibly fast cleaning and drying.

This extractor is fitted with an extremely powerful cleaning pump, making this ideal for cleaning hard floors and carpets as fewer passes of the wand are needed because the water pressure is doing all the work for you. It deep cleans in half the time of a standard twin vac machine as well as the fact that it dries much quicker too. Having a powerful vacuum system allows the wand to be moved quickly across the surface, removing dirt and moisture more efficiently with fewer passes, even from over 200ft away.

The Airflex, being one of the best direct from van cleaning solutions available on the market, has so much power that it can easily cope with long hose runs, while still being remotely operated. It’s very easy to control, with the vacuum motors, pump or auto empty system all controlled by a push of a button.

This results in not only less effort, but also saves large amounts of time as you have no need to rush downstairs or outside to the machine every time you need to turn it on or off.

An additional bonus is that if the remote is lost or damaged, the machine can still be used manually as an alternative option.

The auto empty system on this machine results in emptying the waste tank being very simple. Activated by the remote control once the discharge hose has been placed into a suitable drain.  As a result of this, we can save even more time and energy and keep all the dirty water away from the customers possessions and premises.

In the rare circumstance that a truck mounted clean is “impossible”, the Airflex can be detached from the van and used as a portable extractor while still maintaining its powerful cleaning potential. Due to a low power-to-weight ratio, jobs that involve a lack of on site parking or multiple flights of stairs are no longer a problem.

The Airflex is the perfect comprehensive cleaning machine, combining convenience and efficiency with flexibility and low running costs. Being a fraction of the price of a truck mount, this extractor could take the cleaning industry by storm.

Areas we cover:


(min £40 spend on our service)


(min £40 spend on our service)


(min £40 spend on our service)


(min £40 spend on our service)


(min £40 spend on our service)


(min £50 spend on our service)


(min £50 spend on our service)


(min £50 spend on our service)


(min £50 spend on our service)


(min £50 spend on our service)


(min £60 spend on our service)

The areas that we cover are:

Bournemouth | Christchurch | Southbourne | Poole | Wareham | Blandford | Lymington | Salisbury | Southampton | Hampshire | Portsmouth

Our team of Christchurch Carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning experts appreciate that each job is different, which is why we have a completely flexible approach and tailor each service to the needs of each individual customer.

Which is why our carpet cleaners and sofa cleaners are well equipped to deal with any circumstances, from private residential households, to rental properties and business premises. Our Professional Carpet Cleaners and Sofa Cleaners have the skill and knowhow to restore the natural beauty of your carpets and furniture and leave them hygienically clean with no nasty smells.

One of our main ethos’ is to not only get great results but also provide the best service and customer service we can. We try to be helpful and friendly throughout the whole process, before, during and after, which is why our carpet and sofa cleaning services cannot be beaten.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we strive to always provide the best carpet and sofa cleaning services. Furthermore, we also offer a wide array of additional services such as Pre-Clean Treatment, Scotch Guarding and Flea and Mite Removal.

Why Choose Us?


Elite Carpet and Cleaning Services are equipped with the exemplary top range, high specification equipment.

We specialise not only in Fabric but also Suede, Upholstery and Velvet.
Our staff have years of experience in Carpet and Sofa Cleaning and we are fully insured!
At Elite we pride ourselves not just on Carpet and Sofa Cleaning but also on customer service.

We believe that we have affordable prices and we don’t take any shortcuts to ensure that we give the best possible Carpet Clean you can get, which is why all our cleans are Deep Carpet Cleans.

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