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Elite Carpet Cleaning provide Sofa cleaning services to a large catchment area, we offer our service to include Hampshire and Dorset, including Bournemouth, Christchurch and Salisbury. Experienced in many facets of sofa cleaning, our services range from private homes to corporate buildings and businesses. We are sure of our expertise; our experienced team of sofa cleaners has the proficiency and ability to carry out our sofa cleaning services at competitive prices!

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We aim to turn back the time on your sofas and leave them looking as bright and colourful as they did in the years prior. Additionally, we also utilise a cleaning solution that enables us to make sure your sofa is odourless and hygienically clean after our cleaning services. Additionally, we also offer specific sofa cleaning services like Mite and Flea sofa removal, if you are a pet owner this is ideal for you. Further sofa cleaning services we have available to people in the Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas consist of, Scotch Guarding, which is a stain protector that protects your sofas from staining and soiling and Pre-Clean sofa Treatment, which is a deep clean with the added advantage of both deodorising and sanitising your sofas.

Sofas are an integral part of your home’s interior, but sofas can often become soiled, stained and have the fibres ruined. This can change how you feel towards your sofa and over time make you forget what your sofa used to look like, so much so that you forget what your sofa looked like when you bought it. We can save you the time it takes to leave your home in Bournemouth to buy another sofa, we do this by making use of our “Elite” sofa cleaning methods to restore your sofa back to its former glory.

We take pride in our sofa cleaning, so our customers do not need to accept dirt, dust or pollutants settling in their sofa or upholstery because we are qualified to deal with most messes. To get your sofa clean and brand new again. Sofas can carry anything from dirt, germ, dust, pollutants, pollen and cigarette smoke, just to name some things that can dirty your sofa. That’s why you need local sofa cleaners with a professional sofa cleaning team; Elite Carpet Cleaning Services.

Our expert staff are extensively trained in everything sofa and carpet, so regardless of the problem, we will make sure your sofas are restored back to their formative years and look brand new.

Professional Sofa Cleaning in Dorset and Hampshire

Elite Carpet Cleaning Services have many years of experience and practice within the sofa and carpet cleaning industries. We pride ourselves in not just getting great results but also maintaining a focus on customer service and a range of services so that we can assist more people with quality services regardless of the issue or sofa stain. We are well aware that every job is different and each job has their own bespoke needs, that is why we have an entirely flexible approach and tailor our services specifically to the needs of our customers.

Sofas are susceptible victims to a number of pollutants, including, pollen, cigarette smoke and germs. Accidents and spills are unfortunately inevitable and likely will happen, but the good news is that we have a team of sofa cleaning specialists, ready to solve your sofa stresses.

Our sofa cleaning services are available to everyone in the Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire areas, but if you need sofa cleaning services outside of Bournemouth, please click here to see what other areas we supply our sofa and carpet cleaning services.

Our Services

 Deep Sofa Cleaning in Dorset and Hampshire

Our expert Bournemouth sofa and carpet cleaning services will target the high-traffic areas on your sofa or carpet and exorcise any pollen, dirt, germs, dust and cigarette smoke leaving your sofa or carpet clean and good as new!

Furthermore, with our focused system, we only carry out deep cleaning because we have found that industry standard cleaning doesn’t last long enough or remove stains as well as it should. Elite Carpet Cleaning Service aim to please all of our customer base from Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire, so our carpet and sofa cleaners will always go the extra distance for our customers.

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PRO CHEM Sofa Cleaning Supplies


At Elite Carpet Cleaning Services, we utilise industry-leading cleaning solutions that enable us to clean sofas efficiently and effectively. The ProChem products that we utilise give us the bandwidth to deep clean every customer’s sofa with our 3-step cleaning process. We utilise pre spray to prepare the sofa for a deodorise which then sets the stage for a deep clean to make sure all of the stains and dirt have been cleaned from the sofa.

Natural Carpet and Sofa Prespray 

Natural Carpet and Sofa Prespray is a biodegradable concentrate with an eco-surfactant for pre-treating heavily soiled areas of sofas and upholstery. It incorporates encapsulation technology to help prevent sticky residues that may attract soil. The mild pH is suitable for applying to most sofas, carpets, fabrics and rugs.

This product is WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.

Natural Carpet and Sofa Prespray is a clear liquid with natural lemongrass and herbal fragrance.

Natural Sofa Deodoriser

Odours are the enemy of your home, but not if you have Natural Sofa Deodoriser in your arsenal.

This powerful biological deodoriser is based on natural biological cultures that digest organic odours in sofas. It’s effective against urine and other offensive odours, and it contains encapsulation technology to prevent sticky residues. Spray directly onto odour-contaminated carpet, or dilute with water before use.

 Natural Sofa Cleaner

The Natural Sofa Cleaner is a natural, 100% biodegradable carpet cleaning concentrate that uses encapsulation technology to clean most types of sofas and carpets.

It is safe for wool sofas and carpets, and even contains an all-natural fragrance.

It is a gentle sofa cleaning concentrate that encapsulates dirt, dust and allergens deep within the fibres while leaving your sofa clean, fresh and smelling lovely.

Areas we cover:


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The areas that we cover are:

Bournemouth | Christchurch | Southbourne | Poole | Wareham | Blandford | Lymington | Salisbury | Southampton | Hampshire | Portsmouth

Elite Carpet Cleaning’s team of sofa cleaning experts understand the value that a sofa can add to your home with a number of intangibles, it can help the home feel more homely, personalised and welcoming. Sofa add style and colour to your home, and often serve as a centrepiece adding warmth and a subtle touch of detail that can tie the room together or be the attention-drawing feature that gives a room its image.

Our main aim is to provide quality service and also fulfil the results expected of us and offer helpful customer service. We hold great esteem on trying to be friendly and helpful throughout the whole service, before, during and after. This is why our sofa and carpet cleaning services cannot be beaten.

Elite Carpet Cleaning’s prices are competitive and we strive to provide top-of-the-range sofa cleaning services. Consequently, we also provide a range of additional services such as scotch guarding, Pre-Clean Treatment and Flea and Mite Removal.

Why Choose Us?


Elite Carpet Cleaning Services are equipped with exemplary, high specification, top range equipment.


We specialise not only in Fabric but also Suede, Velvet and Upholstery.


Our staff have years of experience in Sofa and Carpet Cleaning and we are completely insured!


At Elite we pride ourselves not just on Carpet and Sofa Cleaning but also on customer service.


We believe that we have competitive prices and we don’t take any shortcuts to ensure that we give the best possible Carpet Clean you can get, which is why all our cleans are Deep Carpet Cleans.

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